Stickman Escape Warrior’s Adventure

Stickman Escape Warrior’s Adventure Download for Free

Stickman Escape Warrior’s Adventure by GENtertainment Studios
Do you love to explore the different mysterious places? If yes then this game is exactly for you. Be brave to enter into this mansion.
its a mysterious mansion which is overgrown and ugly looking. Gain entry to the mansion grounds. Find a way to get inside. Guards are patrolling the perimeter of the grounds to watch for intruders. Learn to use stealth skills and cover to avoid them. Through a tunnel go to the back garden. Enter the shack to retrieve the key for the locked door. Fight with the soldiers on your way.
Through different tunnels, explore different places of this mansion. You need to be careful as guilds are everywhere and ready to catch you. And at the end your final mission is to escape from this house.
Let’s download and enjoy!
Amazing 3D Graphics and Sound Effects!
Addictive Game Play!
Challenging Escape Missions!
Interesting Missions to complete!
Easy Controls!
Use joystick to move!
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Stickman Escape Warrior’s Adventure Free Download