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Stickman Tubers Life Tycoon by Digi-Chain Games
The ultimate stickman tubers life tycoon simulator is now on Google Play!
Start your very own Stickman youtube channel. Record and edit videos on a range of subjects and watch as the views and subscribers grow… then sit back and count the money as your tuber channel goes viral!
In Stickman Tubers Life Tycoon you can experience the highs and lows of running your own youtube vlogger internet channel. Record on a range of different video subjects – including vlogs, video games, movies, fashion, dogs and pranks. Experience the thrills of starting a professional youtube channel first hand!
Earn money to upgrade your equipment and skills, furnish your studio or buy new properties!
Start your vlogger life in a garden shed and earn enough money to climb the social ladder, upgrade to a bedsit, city apartment, country house and even a castle!
+ A classic idle clicker / tapper game popularised by the cookie clicker games.
+ Click, click, click (or tap, tap, tap!) your way to vlogging success!
+ Incremental gameplay. Gradually upgrade your skills and build your tuber empire.
+ Record vlogger videos on a variety of subjects and watch them go viral!
+ Upgrade your studio, equipment and skills with all the money you have earned!
+ Become a Stickman tube tycoon billionaire from the comfort of your arm chair!
+ Buy items to show off your wealth – including a dog, jukebox, arcade machine, cinema, snooker table and swimming pool!
+ The ultimate stickman youtube tubers life tycoon simulator game!
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Stickman Tubers Life Tycoon Free Download