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Superhot Fighting Tiger 3D by Trigger Team
Ever dreamed about the brilliant career of famous superhot fighter?Enjoyed our slow motion shooters? Then this fantastic game is made exactly for you! Prove you’re worth the path of real fighter and win this amusing tournament with Superhot Fighting Tiger 3D!
Explore different interesting rings and battle with different skillful and mighty fighters! Perform different martial arts to finish your superhot rivals fast and exact! Every fighting style has its advantages and disadvantages, so be wise and think ahead, choosing Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Boxing or even WWE! Kick your enemies’ spirit out of their body and become the real champion of this wonderful tournament!
Duel with the cruelest superhot glass creatures ever! Unleash your super tiger fury, use your slo-mo abilities – just lay them all down and you’ll find yourself at the top of the tournament list! Every blow brings you near the shattering victory! Become the best fighter ever! Challenge yourself with different skillful rivals and overcome them all in Superhot Fighting Tiger 3D!
Earn coins for successfully done missions; improve your speed, power and accuracy stats! Unlock new locations and super blows for your personal superhot hero! Perform new martial arts and fighting styles and check five game modes: regular fighting mode; stair mode, where you should become the first in the tournament list; VS mode, where you should fight your enemies face to face; survival mode, where you should stay alive at the ring as long as you can; and training mode, where you may check all your blows and super strikes!
Superhot Fighting Tiger 3D features:
• Amazing fighting game in Superhot setting
• Different fighting styles and super blows – including time stop!
• Check five interesting game modes
• Addictive gameplay
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