TANK HEADZ (KILOO GAMES) Android / iOS Download for Free

Wipe out your enemies with skill, strategy and a rocket launcher. Are you ready to go in with all guns blazing? This is madness. This is Tank Headz.

It’s tank vs tank in this fast, furious and fun multiplayer battle for domination. Get your flamethrower warmed up and join the carnage in Tank Headz!

– Choose your tank, choose your driver, start shooting
– Destroy the enemy tanks in fast, frantic PvP deathmatches – score the most points to win
– Pick up gadgets like the lethal attack drone or the sneaky cloaking device to get the winning edge
– Perform crazy stunts from jumps and ramps to surprise your opponents when they least expect it
– Get strategic – each driver has special skills to help you win, from speed boosts to extra health
– Battle it out in colorful arenas featuring creepy caves, colossal cliffs and tricky tunnels
– Earn scrap to upgrade your tank and gadgets to make your opponents shiver with fear
– Blast, bombard and flamegrill your way from the Cardboard League to the dizzy heights of the Diamond League

Strategy. Tactics. Explosions. Have you got what it takes to be a Tank Head?

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Download TANK HEADZ (KILOO GAMES) Android / iOS