The Ugandan Knuckle Hero Game

The Ugandan Knuckle Hero Game Download for Free

The Ugandan Knuckle Hero Game by TapSim Game Studio
Knuckle hero vs gangster battle has just begun for the sake of justice with grand fighting league!
The Ugandan Knuckle Hero Game is the super hero action game in which you fight for justice, getting over cruel clans and bring peace to town. Evils are spread in every section of town & teasing innocent civilians by using their powers. Use your super powers which include Knuckle punch, back flip, helicopter spin attack and many more to finish them. Who needs a gun when you have all these super powers!
Let’s jump into this battle because you are the best action hero!
This action simulator is full of thrill and fight to claim victory. Control your ghastly hammer man with his handy hammer. Take down all mafia & gangster in town with your ultimate super powers. Now you can experience the ultra-addictive and mega fun filled arcade game on your android mobile devices!
The Ugandan Knuckle Hero Game Features:
• Live the life of a super Ugandan Knuckle hero
• Addictive game play with city & streets environment
• Engaging background music with 3D graphics
• Intuitive controls with a variety of powers
• Thrilling and challenging fighting missions
• Attack, kill, safe and survive
• Easy and fun to play
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The Ugandan Knuckle Hero Game Free Download