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Titan Throne by Camel Games, Inc
Explore, recruit, grow, conquer, and claim the Throne! Join a new legend in this realm of Heroes… and traitors. Fight for the glory of your people as an Orc, Elf, Undead, or Human lord in this epic multiplayer strategy RPG.
Recruit dozens of special Heroes to lead your armies. Boost and customize them with countless combinations of upgradeable spells and gear. Will you choose savage might, penetrating wisdom, or dazzling magic? Explore solo through a comprehensive story mode, or form alliances with players from all over the world for endless open-ended territory wars, throne battles, exploration, and expansion.
– Play as Human, Elf, Orc, or Undead: Each race has its own unique style, strategies, and stunning 3D custom castle. Switch at any time to experience them all!
– Build Grand Cities: Upgrade dozens of unique buildings, including a Tavern where Heroes gather, a Jail to hold your enemies, and a Spell Tower to unlock magical secrets.
– Create a Community: Join Alliances of real-world players to fight and chat in real-time! Design your banner, declare your creed, and build your empire together.
– Recruit Dozens of Heroes! Meet Joan, the righteous Human rebel; Bloody Mary, the bloodthirsty Undead queen; Robin, the mischievous Elf ranger; Attila, the savage Orc conqueror; and every flavor of Hero in-between.
– Customize Your Army: Recruit 50+ troop types, from common soldiers to legendary monsters. Mix up their formations to use your Heroes’ strengths… or exploit your enemies’ weaknesses.
– Power Up: Upgrade and customize your Hero, Troops, Gear, and Spells completely separately!
– Claim Territories: Race to discover new lands and claim them for your alliance!
– Control Resources: Find and claim your own mines, or plunder from enemies’ mines when their backs are turned. Control the resources to control the realm!
– Wage War: Your opponents are real players with real wile and ambition! Launch massive attack campaigns, defend allies in real-time, negotiate treaties, and change the world.
– Immerse Yourself: Discover the mystery of the lost Titan Throne. Can you find it and restore order to this war-torn land?
– Challenge Yourself: Story Mode has dozens of stages and growing, with multiple difficulty modes for endless replay value!
– Find Yourself: Write your own legend in open-ended MMO warfare. Will your alliance be peaceful Elf diplomats, warmongering Orc barbarians, shameless Undead scavengers, or a mixed band of outcasts?
– Attack & Defend in Real Time: Swoop to join your ally’s sneak-attack. Trap your enemy with last-minute reinforcements. Make split-second calls and fight with teamwork and instinct.
– Be There On the Battlefield: Cast explosive Skills and Spells in real-time. YOU control timing and targeting to maximize Spell effects and trigger combos.
– Strategy Trumps Strength: Swap Heroes, Troops, Spells, and Gear for infinite strategic combinations. With the right combos and timing, David beats Goliath every time.
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