Virtual Gangster Thug Life 2018

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Virtual Gangster Thug Life 2018 by Tap2Play, LLC
Help your Gangster complete his mission against other gangsters & mafia’s.
Jake thrown in prison for standing against a mafia family. City is running & ruled by underground mafia which is gangsters family, they controls all thugs and corrupt cops in the city & anyone who goes against them, they put them into prison or murdered, but Jake decided this time when he get out to prison he will put this to an end.
Help the Jake to take revenge against this mafia family and save the citizens. Thugs loots in city and tease the people. Just focus on your target aim and shoot with your weapons and be careful when you have innocent people around. Action packed mission with thrilling experience & advance weapons. You have great revenge passion against for all gangster & thugs who want to make entire city crime. You have to save your life too so you can fight and destroy them.
Target, Aim, Shoot,Kill & Run!
Virtual Gangster Thug Life 2018 Features:
• Explore 3D environment of whole city
• Stunning graphics and real physics based game
• Addictive game play with visual sound effects
• Action packed and multiple tasks based missions
• Simple and easy controls to play
• Amazing gangster fight and killer action scenes
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Virtual Gangster Thug Life 2018 Free Download